Home Staging Service

Imagine the scene... You're selling your house and you want it to look its best so you clean everything and then take the photographs to send to the estate agents.

Then the house goes live and you discover that the photographs were taken with a poor quality camera or even worse, a mobile phone. The bathroom has towels on the floor and there's insecticide in the kitchen. Doesn't paint a pretty picture does it ?

Objective Service

We've staged a number of houses for sale prior to the photographer coming along and it's well worth the investment as nothing sells a house quicker than well presented rooms.

Our service includes a complete deep clean of the entire property (inside and out) and includes our unique house staging service that provides your house with that "blank canvas look" that so helps to sell a house in this competitive market.

Don't Lower Your Price, Raise Your Standards

Many property owners are keen to reduce the price of their property to gain a quick sale and we'd advise against this. Invest a little time and money staging your property professionally and you'll be sure to gain the right kind of enquiries.

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